Fab Vintage Bags (Enid Collins Collection) and Me After The Little Disaster

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Do you like vintage bags? You must love this!

This is PURPLE DEER VINTAGE collection, but because of crucial reason she must sell all of those fab bags. If you love it and interest to have those Enid Collins bags for your collection, you can visit her shop or visit her blog.

Yesterday, I trapped in little earth disaster. Me and my boyfriend were in motorcycle, when whirlwind stole up on us. We immediately stopped the motorcycle and ran to someone house, when I saw some roof flied around from somewhere and a giant tree crashed down. And couple minute after, we decided to back home as soon as possible.

Today, everything backs to normal. Even it still needs some more time to fix the effect of the disaster.

I took this picture at Fort Vrederburg’s Museum. The impressive thing when I took this picture was there were some people had been preparing Jogja Carnival. I really wanted to watch it, but I was so tired and starving. So I decided back home.


Clumsy New Comer in Cropped Blazer

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Woaaaaa!! It’s been 3 months I have this blog. I’m really a new comer, many things I’ve learn from this blog, such as;
-Exchange link (at first time I really don’t understand, what its means hihi!)
-Reply a person who comments you
-followers content lol!
- and etc

Woups! I forget my red lipstick.. and here you are

It’s my favorite cropped blazer; love the detail and the constructor. I did some simple hairdo but a little bit messy hihi!
There is something different in me? Yes you absolutely right! I’ve changed my hair color. I tried to change it to brunette, but it’s difficult to find the right hair color. And voila, not exactly brunette but I think it's fine

Again! I broke my glasses, I’m very clumsy person. It’s my fourth glasses for this design haha! I broke a lot of glasses, try not to break it but I always do.

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