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There’s a very tragic disaster overwhelm my lovely country, Indonesia. In 26 October 2010, Mentawai hit by Tsunami there’s about 311 people died and 379 people are missing. In the same day, there’s only 35km from my house. Merapi Mountain erupted. 30 people died and bringing giant effect for around my place. It’s very heartbreaking, deep condolences for them #prayforindonesia

29 October, I went to the Pinasthika. I saw many creative adv in there and was shocked to see the amazing year books made by the local adv agency. I didn’t know if pop up year books is a trend now, haha! I wish my year book was pop up! Congratulation for Pinasthika winner and I backed home immediately because the situation was not conducive.

30 October, my plan was going to go to Jogja Fashion Week. But the reality was not support it, Merapi Mountain erupted (again) and the rumble was the biggest than yesterday. Almost Jogja covered by the ash dust fallen from Merapi Mountain. We couldn’t see anything over 10 meter, it was very dangerous go to somewhere. I decided to stay at home, even I was very disappointed, but it’s for the best.

31 October, me and my boyfriend went around Jogja to look the progress of situation. There were still several places covered by ash dust, but not that worst than yesterday. Even I was on car, I used masker just for in case if the dust came inside the car. I have very bad lung. So I will chock to the dead if I’m inhale lot of ash dust to my lung. My mom called and text me everyday, she was very anxious about the condition in Jogja and asked me to back home to Jakarta. My mom is overprotect sometimes.

Me and my boyfriend took an unhealthy breakfast. I ordered Vegan Italian mushroom pizza and Vegan calzones. Backed home, I watched Ghost Whisperer all day and ate vegan frozen food for dinner.

Today everything is back to normal, but the Merapi Mountain is still in dangerous condition.

I wear my old batwing blouse and brownie short pants that I bought yesterday. In here there’s no autumn season, but when I saw this pants, I think that’s cute color for autumn touch and it’s still logical wear short pants here. It’s hound’s tooth short pant with broken cheeks pattern; I really like it even it’s not in black color. And right now I’m crazy in love with ballerina headband, I wear it almost everyday.

It’s my very scary Halloween and hope everything will fine for everyone in this world.

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