The end of this year

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Hi there, how are you??

Wow! Today is the last day in 2010. Many fantastic moments and also disaster tragedies colored 2010. Hope 2011 brings more joy and happiness.

First time I want a new haircut (blunt cut), but when I saw the swatch adv model at Elle magazine (Indonesia) I decided to keep my hair just the way it is and have she bangs!! Quirky bangs but lovely. Ok enough about me.

This year, many great designers create very simple classic design, more wearable, long lasting design and lot of feminine silhouette. But it’s not a longer moment, next year it would be eclectic, more grunge and twist by punk and rock princess. So it would very hard cut and strong constructor.

And the great love affair this year between retailer and couture designers are Lanvin with H&M, Alexander McQueen with Target, and Zac Posen with Target. It’s really incredible, retail with a high fashion touch. The great collaboration ended this year phenomenally!

For your info my next post will be my first giveaway, so don’t miss it!! But for now I want to say

Love Me Two Times. One For Tomorrow and One Just for Today

By Tria Zaluska , In

Love Me Two Times.
One For Tomorrow, One Just For Today
Last Me All Through The Week
Love Me Two Times
I'm Goin Away

Click and Go

By Tria Zaluska , In

Hello there, how are you? I hope everything is fine with you.

Thanks for all your support and care. It means a lot to me. I'm sorry I've been so late for this post.
I'm very busy and quiet confused about my personal project. But I'll try to handle it.

And here I come, broken white ruffle blouse and black wide leg pants. classic but still live in now era. I like the fabric of this blouse,
very smooth but not too silky, the detail of ruffle and the buttons are very feminine make the wide leg pants more soft.

I'm sorry for the awkward pose and not really good quality picture, coz I'm in a rush. Just click and go.

PS : I'm sorry for something error on "comment box". Now I've fixed it and I'm waiting for your comment.

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