The end of this year

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Hi there, how are you??

Wow! Today is the last day in 2010. Many fantastic moments and also disaster tragedies colored 2010. Hope 2011 brings more joy and happiness.

First time I want a new haircut (blunt cut), but when I saw the swatch adv model at Elle magazine (Indonesia) I decided to keep my hair just the way it is and have she bangs!! Quirky bangs but lovely. Ok enough about me.

This year, many great designers create very simple classic design, more wearable, long lasting design and lot of feminine silhouette. But it’s not a longer moment, next year it would be eclectic, more grunge and twist by punk and rock princess. So it would very hard cut and strong constructor.

And the great love affair this year between retailer and couture designers are Lanvin with H&M, Alexander McQueen with Target, and Zac Posen with Target. It’s really incredible, retail with a high fashion touch. The great collaboration ended this year phenomenally!

For your info my next post will be my first giveaway, so don’t miss it!! But for now I want to say

Love Me Two Times. One For Tomorrow and One Just for Today

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Love Me Two Times.
One For Tomorrow, One Just For Today
Last Me All Through The Week
Love Me Two Times
I'm Goin Away

Click and Go

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Hello there, how are you? I hope everything is fine with you.

Thanks for all your support and care. It means a lot to me. I'm sorry I've been so late for this post.
I'm very busy and quiet confused about my personal project. But I'll try to handle it.

And here I come, broken white ruffle blouse and black wide leg pants. classic but still live in now era. I like the fabric of this blouse,
very smooth but not too silky, the detail of ruffle and the buttons are very feminine make the wide leg pants more soft.

I'm sorry for the awkward pose and not really good quality picture, coz I'm in a rush. Just click and go.

PS : I'm sorry for something error on "comment box". Now I've fixed it and I'm waiting for your comment.


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There’s a very tragic disaster overwhelm my lovely country, Indonesia. In 26 October 2010, Mentawai hit by Tsunami there’s about 311 people died and 379 people are missing. In the same day, there’s only 35km from my house. Merapi Mountain erupted. 30 people died and bringing giant effect for around my place. It’s very heartbreaking, deep condolences for them #prayforindonesia

29 October, I went to the Pinasthika. I saw many creative adv in there and was shocked to see the amazing year books made by the local adv agency. I didn’t know if pop up year books is a trend now, haha! I wish my year book was pop up! Congratulation for Pinasthika winner and I backed home immediately because the situation was not conducive.

30 October, my plan was going to go to Jogja Fashion Week. But the reality was not support it, Merapi Mountain erupted (again) and the rumble was the biggest than yesterday. Almost Jogja covered by the ash dust fallen from Merapi Mountain. We couldn’t see anything over 10 meter, it was very dangerous go to somewhere. I decided to stay at home, even I was very disappointed, but it’s for the best.

31 October, me and my boyfriend went around Jogja to look the progress of situation. There were still several places covered by ash dust, but not that worst than yesterday. Even I was on car, I used masker just for in case if the dust came inside the car. I have very bad lung. So I will chock to the dead if I’m inhale lot of ash dust to my lung. My mom called and text me everyday, she was very anxious about the condition in Jogja and asked me to back home to Jakarta. My mom is overprotect sometimes.

Me and my boyfriend took an unhealthy breakfast. I ordered Vegan Italian mushroom pizza and Vegan calzones. Backed home, I watched Ghost Whisperer all day and ate vegan frozen food for dinner.

Today everything is back to normal, but the Merapi Mountain is still in dangerous condition.

I wear my old batwing blouse and brownie short pants that I bought yesterday. In here there’s no autumn season, but when I saw this pants, I think that’s cute color for autumn touch and it’s still logical wear short pants here. It’s hound’s tooth short pant with broken cheeks pattern; I really like it even it’s not in black color. And right now I’m crazy in love with ballerina headband, I wear it almost everyday.

It’s my very scary Halloween and hope everything will fine for everyone in this world.

Everyday is Horror-ween!

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Olla! How are you there?! Hope everything is doing great with you. I’ve been so busy. It’s kind of I need more than 24 hours/day.

Whoa! Halloween is coming. I love Halloween very much, my favourite costume is wicked witch, and what’s yours?

I don’t have any plan for Halloween, because in my country we don’t celebrate Halloween. But that’s ok, for me everyday is Horror-ween, hahaha!

And this picture is one of peep show of me and my friend’s photo shoot project. I’m not the model; I’m the stylish and make up artist. I take this picture to lead the model to give an attitude on her pose.

Now, I should prepare for next project photo shoot. The theme will be “Black Dahlia Murder”. Very fascinating! Blood and 40’s touch!

Fab Vintage Bags (Enid Collins Collection) and Me After The Little Disaster

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Do you like vintage bags? You must love this!

This is PURPLE DEER VINTAGE collection, but because of crucial reason she must sell all of those fab bags. If you love it and interest to have those Enid Collins bags for your collection, you can visit her shop or visit her blog.

Yesterday, I trapped in little earth disaster. Me and my boyfriend were in motorcycle, when whirlwind stole up on us. We immediately stopped the motorcycle and ran to someone house, when I saw some roof flied around from somewhere and a giant tree crashed down. And couple minute after, we decided to back home as soon as possible.

Today, everything backs to normal. Even it still needs some more time to fix the effect of the disaster.

I took this picture at Fort Vrederburg’s Museum. The impressive thing when I took this picture was there were some people had been preparing Jogja Carnival. I really wanted to watch it, but I was so tired and starving. So I decided back home.


Clumsy New Comer in Cropped Blazer

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Woaaaaa!! It’s been 3 months I have this blog. I’m really a new comer, many things I’ve learn from this blog, such as;
-Exchange link (at first time I really don’t understand, what its means hihi!)
-Reply a person who comments you
-followers content lol!
- and etc

Woups! I forget my red lipstick.. and here you are

It’s my favorite cropped blazer; love the detail and the constructor. I did some simple hairdo but a little bit messy hihi!
There is something different in me? Yes you absolutely right! I’ve changed my hair color. I tried to change it to brunette, but it’s difficult to find the right hair color. And voila, not exactly brunette but I think it's fine

Again! I broke my glasses, I’m very clumsy person. It’s my fourth glasses for this design haha! I broke a lot of glasses, try not to break it but I always do.

Black from head to the end

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-->Hello there! How you’ve been?

Woaaaa! Sorry for taking so long updating my blog. I’m quite very super busy lately, try to finish my thesis and work is so lived out! Hihi!

This is my favorite outlook, nor vintage neither avantgarde. And of course is my favorite color too, wearing black is never go wrong and red lipstick is perfect!

Now I have account on if you want asking me something, you can write it your question and I’ll try to answer it (feel free to ask me dear).

About me

I figure out I don't have "About Me" section, so I wrote it and hope you can enjoy it

Introduce your self?
My name is Tria Zaluska. you can call me with : Tria (pronounce : three-ya) I'm half Polish and half Indonesian. Right now I live in beautiful country; Indonesia. I'm graphic designer/photographer/creative freelancer and try to running my own fashion line call LAMOZ (almost my wardrobe design by myself)

Why you named your blog “Lady MitroZ”?
My mom family name is Mitrowijoyo and my dad family name is Zaluski, so I mix it and voila: MitroZ is showed up in my head. Why “lady”? I don’t know I just love it, as simple as that.

What mean fashion for you?
Fashion is my passion. Since I was a little girl I love fashion a lot, I don’t play with the doll but I make they dress. For my dad fashion is just piece a sheet, he just spend for function not for fashion. So I should work for satisfied my passion, but it fascinating. Buy it with my own money!

What your fashion look like?
It’s difficult to describe my fashion look like, because I’m inspired by anything in this world. I don’t follow trends, no matter the virus contamination this world. If my heart say no, so I’ll never try it.

What your favourite fashion items?
Black pants, I think. I’m not comfort wearing another color pants except black and I’m not kind of skirt girl, I just have few skirts and all of it is black.

What your favourite Quotes?
"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" (From Wizard of Oz movie) 

Last but not least, what your hobby?
Blog, tweet, cook, pose, take a picture, drawing and travelling

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