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Tiffany & Co at AFF 2011 and Runway look by Vera Wang

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The next show on 16 May 2011 after Star Creation show is Tiffany & Co show and runway look by Vera Wang dress collection. This year’s collection includes pieces from the Tiffany Blue Book Collection, which covers exclusive creations by Tiffany’s master jewelers and famed designers, as well as references jewels in the Tiffany & Co. Archives. The collection showcases not only the jeweler’s depth in diamonds and gemstones but also its total dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. This commitment to quality accounts for the allure and longevity of Tiffany design and the indefinable feeling of wearing the most extraordinary jewels in the world. And the dress form Vera Wang are very lovely, the design and the cut are very simple, elegant and very beautiful. The duets between Tiffany & Co and Vera Wand dress collection look like beautiful elegant every lady on classic romantic movie.

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Star Creation 2011, The Future of Asian Fashion Designer

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Hello there! Where am I? I’m at some room with pool view at Fairmount Hotel in Singapore. My room is very lovely!

I’m sorry for the late post, I was very super busy yesterday, and when I was back to hotel I fell asleep just in a second! Yes yesterday was very hectic! I was flown with Singapore airline on 5:50, so I should weak up on 2 am in the morning!

First show on 16 May 2011 was Star Creation. It was which uncovers fresh local and Asian talent and grooms them to become the fashion stars; I really love the creation and very fresh creative. And Star Creation is organized by the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TafF) and is part of the Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX). Eight finalists showcased their creations this evening who were chosen from 144 entries from 11 countries this year. China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam made it to the finals. Designers had to give their interpretation of the theme: Internationally Asian.

Douglas Benjamin, heads of F J Benjamin and one of the judges for Star Creation 2011, said choosing the winner was a tough call to make. And because it was so difficult, the judges decided to award four winners instead of three. Each winner gets $10,000, an internship with F J Benjamin and the chance to launch a capsule collection at Star Creation 2012.

Tsai Ming Hung, China’s Chen Zhi Gang and Malaysia’s Tiang Boon Tieon are the winners of Star Creation 2011. Notable mention also goes to Japan’s Hiroyuki Watanabe for bagging the Audi Young Designer Award 2011. My eyes fall to Hiroyuki Watanabe (Japan), the design is very awesome, and you can see the detail is wonderful makes the fabric looks strong and bold but the detail color makes it fun and playful! It’s reminding me to Bjork.

And there are the Winners and Finalist

Chen Zhi Gang, We're Inseparable

Zhang Zhe, Recollect Jazz

Neo Ben Jie Benjamin, Blooming Power

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Modern Folk Costume

Mike August Yapching, Spiral in Motion

Tsai Ming Hung, Internationally Asian

Ngo Quynh Phuong, Cocoon

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Asia Fashion Exchange!!

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Hi there! How are you? Hope everything is doing fine with you.

I have a great news!! My blog has been choosen as one of Top Asia's Fashion Blogger winners by Asia Fashion Exchange. Yes! I can't believe it too! Am I only dreaming? I pinch my hand Whoaaa! And it's real!

Thank you so much for keep visiting and give lovely comments on my blog ladymitroz. You are the best! I can't through this without all of you.. Once more, thank you for being my loyal readers.

Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX) is an initiative aimed at developing the long-term sustainability of Singapore’s fashion industry by building capability and profiling local talent on an international platform, here in Asia. It is a joint effort by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, SPRING Singapore (SPRING) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), with the strong support of local stakeholders such as the Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore (TaFf) and Mercury Marketing & Communications, to establish Singapore’s standing as Asia’s fashion gateway. AFX comprises four pillars: Blueprint, a trade exhibition and consumer sales event designed to be an international platform based in Asia; Asia Fashion Summit, an international business conference for industry professionals to generate thought leadership content; Audi Fashion Festival, a showcase of world-class collections by top international designers and labels; and Star Creation, a regional fashion design competition to spot budding talent from across Asia. For more information, visit and

Keep visiting frequently my blog cause I will report the Asia Fashion Exchange from 16-19 May! Yes! Everyday! Don't miss it or you will regret it! Yay!

Tons of love!!

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