Everyday is Horror-ween!

By Tria Zaluska , In ,

Olla! How are you there?! Hope everything is doing great with you. I’ve been so busy. It’s kind of I need more than 24 hours/day.

Whoa! Halloween is coming. I love Halloween very much, my favourite costume is wicked witch, and what’s yours?

I don’t have any plan for Halloween, because in my country we don’t celebrate Halloween. But that’s ok, for me everyday is Horror-ween, hahaha!

And this picture is one of peep show of me and my friend’s photo shoot project. I’m not the model; I’m the stylish and make up artist. I take this picture to lead the model to give an attitude on her pose.

Now, I should prepare for next project photo shoot. The theme will be “Black Dahlia Murder”. Very fascinating! Blood and 40’s touch!

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